Scribing Events

A selection of material from scribing at various events, a process of recording through drawing.

The combination of drawn images and words can capture the often intangible nature of discussion and the atmosphere of events. It can be a very successful tool at documenting and communicating ideas to an audience. 

Scribing for Conference 'Marking Domains', exploring illustration and narrative art as domain.

Speakers include Geoff Grandfield, Mireille Fauchon, Graham Rawle, Lotte Crawford, Olivia Ahmad, Paddy Molloy, Robert Sollis and Tom Kelly of the Bogside Artists

Minute books -

Documentation of the world cup project by Barney Fagan and Scott Coleman to document the 2018 football World cup matches by making live books of the events,  i was invited to document two of the games alongside  Laurie Avon & Sean O'Brien and Matilda Ellis.